Tackle climate change with wood

“In the long term, a sustainable forest management strategy aimed at maintaining or increasing forest carbon stocks, while producing an annual sustained yield of timber, fibre or energy from the forest will generate the largest (climate change) mitigation benefit.” IPCC 2007 Fourth Assessment Report, Mitigation of Climate Change, UNEP & WMO

It's less than 1% of the total South West forest estate

Each year less than one per cent of the 2.25 million hectares of native forest estate in WA’s South West is sustainably harvested in small mosaic pockets dotted throughout the region, similar to a patch work quilt. Native forest harvested is regenerated over time.

Environmentally sustainable and commercially viable

Working with forest industries to maximise the utilisation of a renewable resource; supporting local communities and regional employment; while returning a dividend to the State of Western Australia.

Forestry news

The one year indicative timber harvest plan for 2015 is now available for public comment. The plan has been prepared in accordance with the Forest Management Plan 2014-2023 and in consultation with the Department of Parks and Wildlife. The plan includes a list of native forest coupes which are scheduled to be harvested in full or in part during 2015. Details of the plan, including maps for the northern and southern supply zones, and individual coupe sawlog volumes are available to download. Please submit enquiries or comments by 6 February 2015.
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The Forest Products Commission (FPC) will be undertaking rabbit control in the form of 1080 poison oat baiting in the Koolyanobbing and Diemals Station areas. The purpose of the baiting is to protect sandalwood seedlings established by the FPC’s regeneration program. Taking of rabbits for human consumption from within these locations is prohibited for health reasons as of 7 November 2014. Dogs are at high risk from secondary poisoning and should be restrained or restricted from entering the baited areas. For further information please contact the FPC office in Kalgoorlie on 9088 6043.
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The Forest Products Commission (FPC) will be harvesting the trees in the Murray pine plantation near Dwellingup between November 2014 and March 2015. In the interest of public safety, areas of the Murray pine plantation will be temporarily closed during the harvesting operation. The harvested timber will be used for furniture, structural and engineered products such as laminated veneer lumber (LVL), as well as joinery and decking.
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The Forest Products Commission (FPC) has obtained certification to the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) Controlled Wood Standard (SA-CW/FM-004537) for timber sourced from the pure and mixed karri forest available for harvesting under the Forest Management Plan 2014-2023. As part of this the FPC has prepared a management plan for the karri forests in consultation with stakeholders. Further information regarding the management of karri old-growth forests is also available.
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Forestry facts

WA's old-growth forests are protected
Forestry facts image WA’s comprehensive Forest Management Plan (FMP) prohibits the harvesting of forest products from more than 1.4 million hectares (62% of native forests vested in the Conservation Commission of Western Australia) of reserves, including all old-growth forests in national parks, nature reserves, conservation parks and forest conservation areas.
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