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Wood frames popular for WA homes

26 May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a decline in building and construction across WA, but one local builder is positive about the construction industry in a post-pandemic world and timber’s increasing popularity in construction.

Carrie Anderson, South West Regional Manager, from Rural Building Company said they have been constructing timber-framed homes in the South West since 1992 and believes more people are seeing the benefits of building with wood.

“With the cost of timber construction set to fall below brick within the next five years, I expect that trend to continue,” Carrie said.

“Many clients are opting for a variety of textures and finishes externally. Timber framed homes provide the flexibility to incorporate many elements into the home externally,” Carrie said.

Timber-framed construction uses timber or steel to support the structure of the house with brick or a façade used for the exterior.

“Timbers lightweight construction means engineering requirements are less restrictive and provide a cost saving to the client,” Carrie said.

“Timber framed homes in the South West should continue to gain popularity as their energy efficiency is rating higher than that of a brick home.”

For the environmentally conscious, timber construction is also an attractive choice because it is a renewable resource and stores carbon for the lifetime of the wood product.

Choosing WA grown wood supports the ongoing harvest and regeneration cycle allowing for the continued removal of carbon from the atmosphere while providing sustainably sourced products.