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Tall poles for tall ships

20 May 2020

Harvey might be landlocked but our FPC foresters have forged a link to the sea thanks to a partnership with the WA Museum.

The State’s leading history buff reached out to the FPC recently with a request for a couple of long, straight, strong jarrah poles suitable for masts as part of the Amity restoration.

Senior Forester Todd Brittain and Forester Chris Schiller have been working with the lead Amity shipwright.

They were able to nail down the specifications and locate suitable poles in Holyoake near Dwellingup.

“There is some really decent thinning’s bush around Dwellingup,” Mr. Schiller said.

“The area has good rainfall and really good soils so the trees grow pretty tall and straight.”

The poles are now being stored at the Harvey Mill and are being kept under sprinklers to ensure they dry in a controlled way with minimal checking and cracking.

“It will take between 12 to 18 months to dry the poles,” Mr. Brittain said.

“Once that has been done, they will be cut to size and carted to Albany where they will be installed.”