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Frequently asked questions


Who is eligible to apply?

We welcome applications from a wide range of community groups and clubs, including:

  • Community groups and clubs whose services and program's will directly benefit local community members
  • Community groups and clubs based in the regional footprint of Western Australia’s forestry industry
  • Community groups who support the Forest Products Commission’s operations and its aim of a sustainable native forestry industry
  • Community groups or clubs focused on increasing understanding about forestry

What will not be funded?

Funding will not be given to:

  • Individuals
  • Commercial businesses
  • Community groups whose aim, objective or beliefs are not in accord with the Forest Products Commission’s activities or our aim of contributing to a sustainable native forest industry
  • Retrospective costs for project programs or events that have already taken place
  • Travel or accommodation for interstate or overseas travel
  • Staff salaries or the employment of consultants to deliver projects/services
  • Political, religious or spiritual organisations whose key focus is to promote their beliefs
  • Community groups who already received ongoing funding/sponsorship from the Forest Products Commission or other government funding

How do I apply?

Before applying please review our application guidelines.

You can then download and complete an application form here or apply digitally at

If using a physical form please scan your completed form and send it to

When do submissions close?

Submissions close on 16 March, 2020.

Who can I contact for more information?

All questions and queries can be sent to