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Softwood Industry Strategy

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The softwood plantation sector in Western Australia is pivotal to the $1.4 billion per year forest products industry, which supports the employment of more than 6,000 people.

The Softwood Industry Strategy for Western Australia has been developed to provide the foundation for growing the softwood plantation estate into the future.

We have worked with industry and stakeholders to identify six key steps that will ensure the industry maintains healthy forests, provides benefits to the local community, and contributes to economic success for all Western Australians.

Why grow softwood plantations?

Softwood has an exciting future, it requires relatively little energy during production which presents opportunities in the carbon economy.

Softwood timber products are fundamental to our building and construction industry. Local manufacturing and processing factories use softwood to produce timber roof and frame trusses and panel board for local housing.  Most logs grown in Western Australia are processed locally providing jobs and growth in regional economies.

Forest products can displace use of materials that emit more CO2 during manufacture, helping organisations minimise their impact on the environment. Investing in plantations can improve the quality of your land by reducing soil and water salinity, enhance biodiversity and restore habitat for native animals.

It also gives investors an opportunity to diversify their income by harvesting established plantations. Internationally the industry is expanding with new customers in new markets – owing to its environmental credentials and the development of new products for the emerging bio and carbon economies. Innovative wood fibre products include cosmetics, car parts, electronics, biofuels and 3D printing. Find out more, visit our Choose Wood page.

See where implementation is already happening

The Commission has several ongoing programs where we have begun implementing our softwood strategy


How can you be involved in growing the softwood estate?

The Commission partners with a wide range of organisations to facilitate growing our softwood estate on privately owned land. Softwood has a range of commercial uses, and as we transition to a low carbon economy, its advantages make it increasingly the material of choice for a growing range of applications.

For further information contact our;

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