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Softwood Industry Strategy to boost regional industry and economy

Pinus pinaster seedlings
22 September 2016

Western Australia’s softwood estate will be expanded over the next five years with the release of the Forest Products Commission’s Softwood Industry Strategy.

The Commission has worked closely with industry and stakeholders to ensure it maintains healthy forests, provides benefits to the local community and contributes to economic growth and stability.

The strategy is underpinned by a $21 million investment from the State Government and will focus on securing jobs, developing new training and employment pathways, attaining higher levels of certification, improving community engagement and increasing efforts to protect plantations from fire.

The Commission will focus on developing the softwood estate by planting up to 10,000 hectares on State Government and privately owned land around manufacturing and processing hubs in regional WA, which will strengthen industry development and improve productivity. The increased planting will effectively double the amount of trees planted for each tree harvested, or 2.7 million pine seedlings annually.

In addition the strategy will establish a $100,000 innovation fund to stimulate market opportunities and a forestry adviser has been appointed to support and work with farmers looking to develop forestry enterprises.

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Photo: Margaret River Offroad Cycling Association

Photo: Margaret River Offroad Cycling Association