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Sensing harvest planning improvements

Sensing harvest planning improvements
23 July 2019

Improving the use of remote sensing data is the key aim of a national remote sensing project, that the FPC signed up to this month.

Remote Sensing Manager Hans Blom said that this project will involve scientists from three universities across Australia.

“Besides us, there are 11 other forestry companies collaborating in this project. While the other companies focus on plantations, we will bring native forest data to the project,” Mr. Blom said.

The FPC’s remote sensing team, consisting of Hans Blom and Irfan Iqbal, has been planning this trial with the Perth based company C4D Intel which will capture the data at two selected jarrah trial sites.

High resolution imagery will be captured by drones, and laser scanning will be done by drone and from the ground.

“This will be combined to get detailed 3D models of the forest, which will then be further analysed to identify various factors,” Mr. Blom said.

“This information will help assess jarrah forests more efficiently, improving our harvest planning processes.”