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Native Sandalwood Industry Strategy

Our Western Australian sandalwood grows naturally and thrives in the harsh and arid conditions of the WA outback where other resources struggle, making it a perfect commodity in remote and regional areas.

The Native Sandalwood Industry Strategy is a State Government initiative to create a vibrant native sandalwood industry that will add significant value to economic, environmental and social outcomes, particularly for regional communities in the areas where there is natural sandalwood distribution.

The Forest Products Commission has recently provided new contractual arrangements for sandalwood and high-value oil over the next ten years, worth an estimated $250 million to regional economies, which will create future opportunities for new entrants into the marketplace.

In partnerships with State and Commonwealth governments, universities, industry and community stakeholders we have worked together to create six steps that will revitalise the sandalwood industry to create better outcomes for regional communities.





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To provide feedback or seek further information email or contact the Forest Products Commission on (08) 9363 4600.