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Sandalwood stays strong

30 April 2020

Sandalwood has proven to be a resilient industry with strong sales for March 2020.

Manager Sandalwood and Midwest Sales Ian Knobel said that after a very quiet January and February, sales for March have rebounded strongly.

“With China coming back online this month, we’ve seen a solid month of sandalwood sales,” Mr. Knobel said.

Customers in Malaysia, Taiwan and China were the major buyers during the first few months of 2020.

“With a range of customers and end use products, including Chinese medicine and incense to be burned at temples and homes, the international sandalwood market is well placed to survive the challenging economic period we are currently facing,” Mr. Knobel said.

Domestic sandalwood producers have even begun using sandalwood to help in the world’s corona virus battle.

“One domestic producer has successfully developed a range of hand sanitisers that use sandalwood as part of their recipes,” Mr. Knobel said.

“Sandalwood is a resilient industry and has withstood many changes and challenges during its long history and COVID-19 is proving to be another that the industry is well positioned to navigate.”