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Sandalwood dreaming becomes a reality

19 February 2020

For Robert ‘Bobby’ Pepper, getting a dead sandalwood collection licence was a decade of dreaming finally becoming reality.

Mr. Pepper said his involvement in the sandalwood industry continues his connection to the sandalwood industry that goes back decades.

“My father’s involvement in the sandalwood industry spurred me on to continue until I, with the help of Ben Sawyer, got my own deadwood and seed collection contract with the FPC,” Mr. Pepper said.

“My father and my brothers collected sandalwood, and I’m very proud to be able to continue that tradition today.”

“This is Nhunda land, and it’s wonderful to be on Nhunda land, the land of my ancestors, and harvest sandalwood and I hope to continue it on with our next generation.”

Aboriginal Engagement Manager Ben Sawyer said Bobby’s involvement is part of a larger push to get more Aboriginal people engaged in the sandalwood industry.

“Bobby is the first harvesting contractor through our Sandalwood Dreaming program, but we have five other contracts that we will hopefully have finalised by the end of the financial year,” Mr. Sawyer said.

“We’re committed to getting more Aboriginal engagement within the industry and continuing the ancient Western Australian sandalwood story into the future.”