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Our dynamic and multi-skilled foresters

FPC Forester Dean Irving
18 May 2017

Our foresters have diverse skill sets and work with industry and the community to provide expert advice, a safe workplace for our contractors and manage our forest resources responsibly.

Fire response

Wildfire is an increasing risk for the community and the forest products industry. We play a valuable role in protecting the local community and its assets well beyond the plantations that we manage.

Under the management of the Department of Parks and Wildlife and Department of Fire and Emergency Services our foresters assist in fire management and suppression.

Forestry Officer Dean Irving said as recently as the Easter long weekend, Gnangara staff responded to and suppressed a fire on private property that had the potential to threaten homes and FPC’s plantation assets. “We partner with Parks and Wildlife to carry out fire hazard reduction burns that help safeguard plantations and neighbouring properties,” Dean said.

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Ensuring sustainability

In Pinjar, FPC’s foresters are nurturing young Radiata and Maritime pine seedlings which are developing well. More than 1,500 ha have been planted over the past three years, as part of our commitment to the State Government’s draft Green Growth Plan. Our pine seedlings will mature in the coming years to provide a food source and habitat for the endangered Carnaby’s Cockatoo.  

Supplying thinning timber for markets

In Yanchep, our foresters are overseeing thinning operations to ensure the growth rate and vitality of plantations is maintained for healthy forest productivity. Forests Manager Ian Knobel said that thinning operations allow the FPC to maintain a healthy plantation, while also maximising diameter growth on the best trees and supplying volume to its customers. “While on site FPC’s foresters will also undertake an environmental assessment to ensure there is no soil or water movement and the remaining trees are not damaged,” Ian said.

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Quality compliance and safety checks

Mr Knobel said foresters are also required to conduct quality, safety and compliance checks, as our harvested logs are loaded for delivery to customers. “Our supervising forestry officers are responsible for ensuring our contractors are operating under safe conditions, the quality of logs loaded are to specification, and each load is within road transport mass guidelines and is properly secured for its journey to the customer,” Ian said.

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