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One-year native forest indicative timber harvest plan 2016

Karri thinning harvesting operation
29 December 2015

The Forest Products Commission (FPC) has released its 2016 one-year indicative timber harvest plan for public comment.

The plan has been prepared in accordance with the Forest Management Plan 2014-2023 and in consultation with the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

"The information includes a list of native forest coupes which are scheduled to be harvested in full or in part during 2016", explains FPC's Community Consultation Officer, Peter Beatty. "Details of the plan, including maps for the northern and southern supply zones, and coupe sawlog volumes are available to download."

"I would like to encourage any interested stakeholders to make contact with me regarding any concerns they may have with the coupes listed on the plan. 

"We committed to engaging with and building constructive relationships with our stakeholder community."

In addition to the one-year plans produced by the FPC, the Department of Parks and Wildlife releases a Three-year indicative timber harvest plan which outlines harvest coupes that are under consideration. The coupes listed on the 3-year harvest plan are then used to develop FPC's one-year harvest plans.

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