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WA company in million-dollar contract with Brunei

17 May 2006

Forestry Minister Kim Chance today announced the shipment of locally manufactured palatial solid jarrah doors as part of a million dollar contract to supply jarrah joinery for a project in Brunei.

Mr Chance said the contract was not only a credit to the quality craftsmanship of awardwinning Inglewood Products Group but a major boost to the State Government's support for the local value-added timber industry.

"This contract represents value adding approximately $15,000 a cubic metre to the raw product," the Minister said.

"It clearly demonstrates that we have the product and the expertise to compete in niche markets on the international stage."

The custom-made, main entrance doors signal the half-way point of the project which has required innovation, precision and exacting standards on the part of the family-owned business.

Joinery Department manager Carlo Gosatti said the company was given a sample carved panel and from that, they interpreted and illustrated the best way of construction.

The client requested that all 360 doors for his project should have a uniform appearance.

"This would have meant the impossible task of finding perfectly clean pieces of jarrah of the same colour for each door," Mr Gossatti said.

"We engineered and designed a door that needed a thicker than usual jarrah veneer, which was supplied locally by Gunns Ltd.

"The main doors, which are valued at $3,500 each and weigh 120kg, required engineered concealed hinges, and strong sub-frames and frames. We have developed techniques to ensure that nothing will move our frames from their wall casings. The door and frame system is supplied pre-fitted with the hinge and lock recesses already in place."

The two main doors measure 2.7m high by 2.3m.

Inglewood Products won the contract through its Singapore-based company, set up 20 years ago by founder and managing director, Ardino Gosatti. The Forest Products Commission (FPC) provided a storyboard which included information on the management of the forest and jarrah's suitability for this type of use, that helped support IPG gaining the contract.

"Our Singaporean partner recently ventured into Brunei and this has been the result," Mr Gosatti said.

"Through Inglewood Products Singapore, we have done a lot of fit-outs for apartments using jarrah and several years ago provided 6,000 doors for Singapore University."

The jarrah doors will be shipped to Brunei this week.


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