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Timber sleepers best for global warming

25 March 2008

Today the Forest Products Commission (FPC) General Manager Dr Paul Biggs issued the following statement, in response to claims made by a lobby group over the Easter long weekend:

“Westrail was sold to Australian Western Railroad, a private company, by the previous coalition Government in December 2000, just before the State election.”

“FPC contracts for first and second grade sawlogs require the timber to be used for value added downstream processing which does not include use as railway sleepers. Low grade logs, which are unsuitable for high value adding, are currently the most environmentally friendly material for producing sleepers.”

“There is a total ban on logging old growth forest in WA as a result of the Gallop government’s ‘Protecting our old growth forests’ policy.”

“Western Australia has approximately 2.46 million hectares of native forest. Under the Forest Management Plan (FMP), about 850,000 ha, or approximately one third, is available for sustainable timber harvesting, following Conservation Commission guidelines and contemporary silvicultural practices to ensure sustainability for future generations.”

“Under the FMP, the FPC has a responsibility to make sure every piece of timber is used to its fullest potential and to reduce waste as much as possible.”


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