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Students get a taste for forestry careers

2 December 2009

Stimulating career opportunities in Western Australia’s fascinating forestry industry were showcased to Year 10 students from Clarkson Senior High School.

The familiarisation tour at Pinjar pine plantation, near Yanchep, was an integral part of a Vocational Educational and Training (VET) exercise conducted by the Forest Products Commission (FPC) to inspire youth to a career in the State’s timber industry.

Students were introduced to timber workers and saw first-hand the equipment used in the $1.1billion industry which employs more than 5,500 workers in Western Australia.

FPC Manager of the Swan Supply Cell, Michael Lobb, noted the importance of encouraging students to enter trades which have a positive impact on the environment.

“One of the key advantages of employment in the Forestry sector is the good feeling you get every day knowing your work is achieving a sustainable environmental outcome.

“Through VET programs and other initiatives, we’re able to show potential entrants to the workforce a glimpse of the future and the depth of opportunities available.

“From machine operators to mechanics, nursery technicians, science officers, environment managers and compliance personnel – Forestry provides a diverse range of career opportunities.

“It is an industry in which employees play an important role in maintaining and ensuring a sustainable and environmentally positive enterprise,” Mr Lobb said.

Teacher Ben Finch of Clarkson Senior High School noted the value of opportunities which allow students to experience career choices first hand.

"It's a great opportunity for students to get a hands-on look at forestry and its significant contribution to society and the economy,"

"There is a lot involved in forestry - from the people who plant the tress to the harvesting contractors and the men and women who are part of the fire units."

"The students got to sit in the harvester and fire truck as well as speak to people who worked in the industry."

"It gives the students options for jobs and careers they previously wouldn't have considered," said Mr Finch.

VET programs provide students with skills and knowledge to help them gain employment in technical trades after completing their high school education.

Further information can be obtained via the ForestWorks website at, or contact FPC’s Rivervale office on 9475 8888 to receive a DVD and other important information on forestry careers.


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