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Protestor arrested

24 March 2009

An anti-forestry protestor was arrested this morning and four others were moved on by Police, after a man was found to be locked to a car, parked outside the FPC’s Rivervale office. The man was charged by Police with trespass and possession of cannabis.

Police were on the scene very quickly and they subsequently called FESA to help remove the man, who was attached to the rear axle with thumb-cuffs.

FPC General Manager, Dr Paul Biggs said the entire incident involved five protestors and a dog, it was over in less than an hour and caused absolutely no disruption to staff or FPC activities. “My thanks go to the Police and FESA for their very speedy, professional response.”

“This morning’s events proved, once again, that FPC staff are very capable of dealing with the unexpected in a very calm, efficient manner and my confidence in our team is well-founded,” Dr Biggs said.

“Since 2001 it has been Government policy to protect all old growth forests in WA and to harvest native timber from regrowth forests, which have been harvested before and which have grown back.”

“Timber harvested from state forests is hugely valuable to the WA economy, especially in times of economic hardship. The Western Australian timber industry, which includes both plantation and native timber, spends around $1 billion per year in regional WA and employs around 5,500 people.”

“Australia currently imports $2 billion more in timber products than we export. These imports come from developing nations where environmental regulations are often poor or non-existent. I believe it’s better for the planet and for our local economy to maintain a heavily regulated, sustainable local forest industry than to import unsustainable products from overseas.”


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