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Perennials fight rising water

7 April 2008

Farmers in the Oyster Harbour catchment recently attended a workshop on the potential of perennials in managing rising ground water tables.

Farmers were briefed on what was happening in the catchment, how to incorporate trees and pasture into farm landscapes to use excess water and the latest in carbon trading.

Organised by the Forest Products Commission (FPC), in conjunction with the Oyster Harbour Catchment Group, FPC education coordinator Judi Pitcher said, “It is widely accepted that trees and other deep-rooted plants are vital tools in combating rising saline water tables. The FPC hopes more farmers will choose to grow eucalypt sawlogs or maritime pine to use excess water on their properties.”

Under the Strategic Tree Farming Project, the FPC enters into sharefarming agreements with landholders to integrate commercial trees into farm and catchment plans while complementing existing farming activities.

Farmers heard speakers from the Oyster Harbour Catchment Group, Green Skills, Department of Agriculture, Rural Water Grants and the FPC. Anyone interested in learning more should contact Rob Wilkes, FPC Albany on 9845 5630. The workshop was sponsored by South Coast Natural Resource Management through the Farm Forestry Education Project.


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