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Nearly one million seedlings in 36 hours

9 July 2007

As part of the 2007 winter planting season, Forest Products Commission staff at the West Manjimup Nursery have worked hard to dispatch more than 900,000 seedlings for shipment to customers and organisations throughout Western Australia within just 36 hours.

Nursery Manager Margaret Johnston said “The delivery window for seedlings has been significantly shortened this year due to the lack of lead-up rainfall. However, the arrival of the winter rains has meant operations commenced in earnest.”

With a limited opportunity to get the seedlings out, Nursery Operations Supervisor Jeff Cook has been working 12 hour days preparing and coordinating the efforts of over 50 individual staff to ensure everything went out on time.

The main species being dispatched included significant quantities of softwood pines, Eucalyptus globulus (blue gum), and Acacia acuminata (jam) which were delivered for use as sandalwood host plants.

In addition to the existing delivery methods, a new process was utilised for the first time. Using special racks to carry trays for in-field delivery, it is the result of significant input and consultation with FPC operational areas, and is designed with improved safety for both packaging and field planting staff in mind.


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