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Manjimup Nursery yields 14.5million seedlings for 2009

20 March 2009

The Forest Products Commission’s (FPC), Manjimup Nursery is currently in its final phase of its seeding program for 2009 with 14.5 million seedlings being grown ready for dispatch in June.

Of these, a joint venture between the FPC and Synergy will see at least 3.5 million oil mallees and 700,000 eucalypts being grown to produce carbon offsets.

“The carbon storage of the mallees and eucalypt together have the potential to sequester 1,155,000 tonnes of CO2 over the next 30 years,” said Dave Guille, operations manager for the plantations branch at the FPC.

More than 40 different species of native trees are being grown in the nursery this season, which began in September 2008 with pines. Of the seedlings, 4.5 million consist of Pinus radiata, (Monterey pine), and Pinus pinaster, (maritime pine), 4.5 million oil mallees and 1.6 million acacia, with the remaining consisting of various eucalypt species such as the Sydney blue gum, sugar gum and karri.

It has been said by Dr Biggs, General Manager at the FPC, that “Planting trees to create long term carbon offsets is an important component in offsetting WA’s overall greenhouse footprint.”

The number of seedlings is expected to increase to approximately 15 million next year with additional pines and the prospect of more programs similar to the Synergy project, to be adopted.

The nursery is fully accredited and is a two time NGIA, (Nursery and Garden Industry Awards), winner, demonstrating its ability to deliver superior seedlings to its customers.

The Manjimup Nursery employs 12 fulltime staff, and up to 50 casual staff to complete its seeding program and, with the economic downturn being experienced across Australia, the extra employment is welcomed in the Manjimup District.


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