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Harvesting operations inside Gnangara off-road vehicle (ORV) area

16 August 2010

The Forest Products Commission would like to advise users of the Gnangara off-road vehicle (ORV) area that harvesting operations have commenced in selected compartments of the pine plantation.

The harvesting operation is expected to take six to eight weeks to complete.

FPC spokesperson Michael Lobb said it was important for motor cycle riders to be mindful of their surroundings and the additional hazards caused by the presence of timber harvesting machinery. A high volume of heavy haulage traffic will also be experienced during the harvesting operation.

“During harvesting, sections of the ORV area will be closed to ensure public safety. 

“Areas designated as being off-limits during harvesting will be clearly demarcated with ‘No Unauthorised Access’ signs placed around the perimeter. All persons are advised to remain clear of these areas,” Mr Lobb said.

Entering declared work site areas is a criminal offence and trespassers may be prosecuted. Trespassers are at risk of being exposed to hidden dangers within the area.

Riders will be able to use parts of the ORV area which are not subject to harvesting operations. As an alternative, riders can use the Pinjar ORV area, opposite Barbagallo Raceway, approximately 15 kilometers north-west of the Gnangara ORV area.

A post-harvest burn will be conducted to reduce the risk and intensity of a wildfire. The timing of the burn is dependent on factors including suitable weather conditions as well as the dryness of the remaining material. Post-harvest burns are not designed to consume all remaining residue.

For further information regarding the harvesting operation visit or contact FPC on 9302 7488 or email


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