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FPC joins with community on sustainability

28 July 2009

The Forest Products Commission (FPC) has welcomed an invitation from the Jarrahdale community to collaborate on future plans to harvest Mundlimup forest.

Following a meeting with a forest protectors group, the FPC’s Executive Manager of Operations, Gavin Butcher acknowledged the high timber harvesting heritage value of Mundlimup forest.

“About 34 per cent of Mundlimup forest’s 954 hectares are available for timber harvesting under the Forest Management Plan,” he said.

“However, the FPC fully understands that other forest values also need to be considered in the context of sustainability.

“Recent consultation has given us a clearer understanding of community concerns in relation to timber harvesting. Those values will be taken into account in future harvest plans,” Mr Butcher said.

Mr Butcher said Mundlimup forest, which was first harvested in the 1870’s and again in the 20th. Century, is an impressive example of a regrowth forest and a tangible illustration that well-managed forests are sustainable.

“As is always the case, our challenge is to conduct harvest operations while also maintaining the forest’s unique timber heritage as well as its aesthetic appeal and biodiversity. The location of this forest, being so close to the city, is an opportunity to demonstrate sustainable forest management to the local community.

“We often speak about sustainable forestry and to achieve that at Mundlimup will require the timing, intensity and scale of our activity be varied to cater to a broad range of interests,” said Mr Butcher.

Log products from Mundlimup would supply three sawmills and one firewood merchant in the Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire.

“FPC is pleased to be working with the community to ensure Mundlimup is developed as an asset for the Jarrahdale community and as an icon of sustainable forest management,” Mr Butcher said.


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