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Fierce bidding expected at log auction

8 August 2007

The Forest Products Commission’s next log auction on 18 August offers a unique opportunity for wood enthusiasts to transform some of Western Australia’s best native timbers into works of art.

Over 450 tonnes of assorted speciality timbers will be going under the hammer, including large individual logs of karri, marri, tuart and jarrah (logs and burls), blackbutt and sheoak. There will also be quantities of woody pear, banksia, peppermint, and christmas tree up for sale.

Sawn timber will include slabs and boards of jarrah, jarrah burl, blackbutt, sheoak, marri, tuart and peppermint boards. A small quantity of kiln dried spotted gum (Eucalyptus maculata) and jarrah boards (100mm x 18mm rough sawn) will also be available.

The forest products can be inspected at 64 Weir Road, Harvey during normal business hours, Monday to Friday, by contacting Steve Davis on 0427 380 632, or on the day of the auction between 8.00am and 9.30am.


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