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Liquid gold in the Goldfields

27 March 2018

Oil is flowing from the Dutjahn Sandalwood Oil’s (DSO) refinery after receiving their first shipments of sandalwood.

The Forest Products Commission’s Project Manager Ian Knobel said the refinery is the first of its kind in the Goldfields and is expected to be at full capacity by March, producing 4,000 kg of oil a year and employing up to six full-time staff members.

“It’s great for the Goldfields and the sandalwood industry to have an active sandalwood refinery operating in the region,” Mr. Knobel said.

DSO will receive 100 tonnes of sandalwood a year from the FPC, until the end of their contract in 2026.

DSO has also committed, over the life of the contract, to pay a royalty of $2,000 per tonne of sandalwood to the K Farmer Dutjahn Foundation.

“The Foundation aims to increase Indigenous involvement in the sandalwood supply chain and support central desert Indigenous Australians via access and resource sharing of sandalwood,” Mr. Knobel said.

“An important initiative of the Foundation will be the formation of the Dutjahn Ranger Program.”

The Dutjahn Ranger’s will create an Indigenous sandalwood management plan and audit the wild sandalwood resource in the bush.

The program will eventually be broadened to support the creation of additional Dutjahn Ranger labour forces by other Native Title Holders with sandalwood.