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Karri forest regeneration underway after Northcliffe fire

4 May 2018

The Forest Products Commission is planting karri seedlings to replace areas of karri in State forest destroyed in the Northcliffe fire.

The Northcliffe fire scorched around 100,000 hectares of land surrounding the town, as well as 80,000 hectares of National Park and State forest in 2015.

Manager Production Chaz Newman said the fire burned for 14 days before it was stopped by the tireless efforts of more than 500 West Australian and interstate firefighters.

"The Northcliffe fire was one of the most devastating in recent years, affecting residents, property owners, businesses and industry,” Mr Newman said.

“The Forest Products Commission will replant 1,500 hectares of young karri regrowth in State forest which could not regenerate into a productive forest without assistance.

“Productive forests provide habitat, clean water and recreation areas, as well as creating renewable resources for the products we use every day.”

A key consideration of these regeneration activities is maintaining biodiversity. To do this, foresters retain corridors of fire affected karri to provide pathways for animals to move between remaining forested areas.

To date, 100 hectares of young karri regrowth has been regenerated, with another 200 hectares planned for later this year. Regeneration of the total 1,500 hectares is expected to be completed in 2021.

“The regenerated areas will provide a renewable resource for future West Australians, supplying wood suitable for use in furniture, structural timber, laminated veneer lumber and high-quality paper products,” Mr Newman said.