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The Djarlma Plan (WA Forestry Industry Development Plan)

The Djarlma Plan for the Western Australian forestry industry is inspired by the Noongar concept of Djarlma, which reflects the interconnected relationship of people with forests and woodlands.

It takes a bold and new approach, focusing on working collaboratively across the industry, moving well beyond ‘business as usual’.

The Plan provides a strategic framework for long-term regional economic well-being to foster ecologically sustainable development and provide social and environmental benefits. The plan seeks to transform the timber industry, enabling it to pursue new opportunities.

The Western Australian forestry industry is committed to the ecological sustainability and accessibility of our forests. It will develop an innovative industry that generates income and creates jobs for the State in a responsible manner.

The Djarlma Plan is underpinned by four, interdependent strategic priorities that aim to integrate traditional with scientific knowledge. These priorities are:

  • Healthy forests and woodlands – to underpin the future of the Western Australian forestry industry
  • Wood product and ecosystem values – to provide the full range of forest and woodland values in support of a sustainable low carbon future.
  • Community benefits – the community supports, values and benefits from forests and woodlands.
  • Industry for the future – a technologically-led, competitive, collaborative industry.

Wood Encouragement Policy

The Wood Encouragement Policy for Western Australia is a key action item from the plan and aims to support the forestry industry by encouraging the use of responsibly sourced wood in the construction and fit-out of buildings in Western Australia. Visit the Wood Encouragement Policy page or download the resources below for more information.