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Fitting monument for lost souls

8 June 2017

Sandalwood has proven its worth in monumental proportions on Post Office Island where a log from the shipwrecked Windsor pays homage to those lost at sea around the Abrolhos Islands.

The steamer carrying sandalwood bound for Hong Kong hit Half Moon Reef on 2 February, 1908 after encountering heavy weather.

Most of the crew of 37 managed to evacuate safely on life boats, with the exception of the chief engineer,
W. Jenkins, who drowned while attempting to swim a line to the reef.

Salvaging the cargo was a tricky operation due to the hazardous conditions and the location of the wreck.

It was done by Richard Dick Burton of Geraldton and at the time The West Australian reported that “underwriters would pay a bonus of £1.10 per tonne wet and £2 per tonne dry for all the sandalwood delivered to either Geraldton or Fremantle.”