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Farm Forestry Assist

Farm Forestry Assist is a grant for private land owners to plant radiata or maritime pine trees on their land in 2020. The grant is available to landowners who are interested in establishing new pine plantations to support the State’s vibrant softwood industry.

Successful grant recipients will receive free, high-quality radiata or pinaster pine seedlings from the Forest Products Commission’s (FPC) nursery in Manjimup.

Before completing an EOI, landowners should check with FPC Farm Forestry Advisor the suitability of their property in relation to the location, scale, soil, access and management of the plantations are in place to ensure that your future plantation will be able to contribute to Western Australia’s softwood industry. (see page 2)

To apply, please download and complete the FPC Farm Forestry Assist Expression of Interest form and email it to or send it to FPC Albany 444 Albany Highway, Albany, WA, 6330.

For more information, please contact the Forest Products Commission on 9845 5630.

Why is the Forest Products Commission providing this grant?

The aim is to expand the plantation estate, with farm forestry contributing a meaningful supply of timber to industry.

Who is eligible to apply?

We welcome applications from landowners that meet the criteria outlined in the Expression of Interest form.

What is the Farm Forestry Assist grant?

Farm Forestry Assist is a one-off grant for farmers and other land owners for new plantings of radiata pine (Pinus radiata) and maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) for timber production.

What do you mean by free seedlings?

The grant recipient can receive free radiata pine seedlings to establish the area. The exact amount of seedlings per hectare will be determined by the Farm Forestry Officer after inspecting the site.

Can I apply if I am replanting an existing plantation?

Yes there are many suitable properties that have previously been used for previous plantation production as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.

How can I apply?

Please complete the Expression of Interest form and return it via email to or post to the Forest Products Commission at FPC Albany 444 Albany Highway, Albany, WA, 6330.

What happens after I submit an Expression of Interest form?

After your Expression of Interest form is received, the Forest Products Commission’s Farm Forestry Officer will contact you to organise a visit of your property.

When do applications close?

Applications close on Friday 27 March 2020. This will allow you time to complete your preparation prior to planting this winter.

Will the Forest Products Commission own the trees?

No. You will have ownership of and responsibility for the trees.

What assistance is available to grant recipients?

The Forest Products Commission Farm Forestry Officer will work with grant applicants and recipients and will be available to provide advice and support the establishment of viable and productive plantations on farms. 

When will I receive the seedlings?

Grant recipients will enter into a grant agreement with the Forest Products Commission to ensure that the area is established. The seedlings will be made available at the FPC Manjimup nursery at a time to be negotiated between grower and FPC.

How long will the pines take to grow before they're ready for harvest?

Normally, the trees should be thinned at 10 years with the thinnings being suitable for sale as chips for pulp. The plantation should then be thinned again at approximately 20 years for pulp and small sawlogs. The remaining plantation should then be clearfelled at approximately 30 years for sawlogs suitable for structural timber.

What happens to the plantations in the future?

This is your choice, however the Forest Products Commission is providing this grant to support the planting of radiata pine and pinaster pine for timber production to support our vibrant softwood industry of the future. The Forest Products Commission’s Farm Forestry Officer can help explain your options.

How much money is the Forest Products Commission allocating to this grant program?

The Forest Products Commission is allocating $100,000 from an industry development fund that was included in the 2016 Softwood Industry Strategy to this initiative.

Is this a Managed Investment Scheme?

This is not a Managed Investment Scheme or Sharefarm arrangement because the trees will belong to the landholder.

What is the Eligibility criteria required?

Proposed plantations must be:

  • between 20ha (min) - 50ha(max)in size
  • within the >600mm annual rainfall zone
  • within the softwood industry zone for commercial harvesting
  • soils need to be well drained and min 2.5m in depth (not saline)
  • must meet the FPC guidelines for softwood establishment.
  • Must meet the local government planning obligations in relation to fire protection and firebreak establishment and maintenance.