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Breaking the boundaries

19 November 2019

The forest is now more accessible to people with disabilities following the official opening of Australia’s first adaptive mountain biking and trail walking hub in Pauls Valley.

Communications Assistant Nikita Procter said the FPC played a part in the realisation of the hub through a community grant contributing to the construction of a building to house the adaptive bikes.

“Their grand opening included thanking all their volunteers and sponsors for their contributions to the hub,’ Ms. Procter said.

“Following the awards, we had the opportunity to walk around the hub and get a firsthand look at the new bikes available that cater for people with disabilities.”

“It was great to see people’s excitement and passion for mountain biking and the need to get out into the forest no matter what their situation is.”

The hub is the first adaptive trail hub in the country that advocates for accessibility and inclusion of people with physical and neurological disabilities in mountain biking.

Their mission is to empower people with physical disabilities to go beyond flat surfaces, get out of their comfort zone and into off-road areas around Australia which they thought were inaccessible.

Photo credit Kerry Halford.