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Silviculture education

The Commission has a long-standing working relationship with Edith Cowan University’s Environmental Science students, providing hands-on forestry experiences. Our partnership with the university also gives students opportunities to tap into the breadth of industry knowledge held by our senior foresters. 

Students visited the Gnangara plantation to discuss pine silviculture, fire and cockatoo management, and practiced measurement techniques they had been learning in the classroom.

Our staff also took students to the Wellington Discovery Forest to learn about sustainable forest management. With the help of senior foresters, the students put theory into practice by measuring tree diameter, height and stand basal area of thinning trial sites.

While in the South West region our karri planning, harvest and regeneration operations were examined in detail, with the emphasis on applied sustainable forest management. The practical training continued with further thinning trial plot measurement work in 80 year old karri regrowth at Treen Brook, and an inspection of a blue gum eucalypt tree farm near Pemberton.

With the emphasis on applied sustainable forest management, the students turned classroom theory into relevant, applicable activities.


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