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Karri forest management plan

Karri regrowth forest

The Forest Products Commission (FPC) has developed the Karri forest management plan (KFMP) to meet the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council’s® (FSC®) Controlled Wood Standard (FSC-STD-30-010; FSC-C120630) and the associated FSC Australia’s High Conservation Values (HCVs) evaluation framework. The FPC sources timber from pure and mixed karri forest, which is available for harvesting under the Forest Management Plan 2014-2023.

The FPC undertakes stakeholder consultation on the identification of high conservation values (HCVs) within the defined forest management unit (FMU) and the precautionary measures in place to protect them. At each revision of the KFMP, stakeholder feedback has been considered. More recently the June 2016 version of the KFMP was revised and updated as part of a periodic review. Please note the section “Assessment of potential high conservation values” has been removed from the KFMP and produced as a separate document, titled Karri forest HCV assessment (HCV assessment). The June 2017 version of the KFMP and HCV assessment is now available to download:

Summaries of the changes that have been made since the June 2016 version of the KFMP are available to view here:


References and resources

External publications

Some key external references that are referred to in the KFMP and HCV assessment are available for download:

FPC information sheets

In addition, some brief information materials have been developed and are available here:

FPC procedures

We have developed a procedure for ensuring no Type 2 old-growth karri forest is harvested. This procedure was last updated in June 2017 to provide a more succinct definition of Type 2 old-growth forest. This procedure is available here:

Our commenced and targeted fauna surveys procedure was last updated in June 2017 to include changes in rankings and nomenclature. This procedure is available here:

Karri forest monitoring results

The latest report on karri fauna monitoring is now available:

Other FPC publications

The karri fauna monitoring training manual was last updated in June 2017 to include changes in rankings and nomenclature. This manual is available here:

I would like to comment on the KFMP and HCV assessment

The Forest Products Commission welcomes your feedback. Periodic revisions of the KFMP and HCV assessment will be made as required. We are currently seeking feedback on these documents by 14 August 2017.

    If you wish to provide feedback on the KFMP and HCV assessment, you are encouraged to provide your comment via an online feedback form, which is available through the following link:

    The online feedback form will be available until close of business on Monday, 14 August 2017.

    Alternatively, you can provide feedback at any stage via the following options:

    Phone: (08) 9363 4600

    Written feedback can also be sent to:

    Forest Products Commission
    Locked Bag 888
    Perth Business Centre
    Western Australia 6849

    Note, you are welcome to request a meeting with one of our staff and/or request further information.

    Please note that we appreciate that comments made to us take time and we will always respond to you with information on how your feedback has been considered.

    How will my feedback be used?

    The feedback will be collated and considered for future versions of the KFMP and HCV assessment.

    Your comments can remain private if you wish. If you do not explicitly request that your feedback remains private it may be published (along with your name).